LT-Pyro is a reliable trigger system, versatile and economical, that responds to the growing need to incorporate digital technology in fireworks. Capable of controlling up to 4096 shots, and a large number of resources, ranging from the pyro-musical to the manual trip. Equipment completely autonomous.

  • LT-Pyro

    Control console for maximum 4096 shots manuals, sequenced or controlled by SMPTE. You can play up to 9 simultaneous execution lists. The system incorporates programming error control and real-time control of the state of the boxes connected shooting, providing great security. It is one of the most accurate systems on the market, allowing shots at 1/30 second.

  • LT-Splitter

    They are distributors of lines. Are used to distribute the digital signal and feed shot boxes. They provide security to the system, and allowing us to cover large distances connecting up to 24 LT-Box Splitter. Each Splitter distributes to 4 lines, opto-isolated and protected against overload and short circuit.

  • LT-Box

    The box shot, in constant communication with the console, receives and executes commands shooting, while reporting to the console, the status of each one of the triggers and bait attached. Each LT-Box has 16 shots, shots that make 80V, allowing the connection of multiple baits. It is possible to operate its 16 shots in any sequence, even at a time.


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